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Sunday, May 7, 2017

As I continue to consult in schools, I am becoming increasingly concerned with the focus on academics at the expense of the SEL development of the child. Recently, I discovered a new blog - Greater Good - The Science of a Meaningful Life. Following is an article from that blog. This is a must read.

Districts and schools all over the country are working hard to make social-emotional learning (SEL) a part of the “DNA” of the educational process, meaning they’re going beyond just the adoption of an SEL curricula and are incorporating SEL into school climate, discipline policies, teacher professional development, and the like.
But for educational leaders who are new to SEL or who are trying to figure out where to start, this process can seem overwhelming.

As the stories illustrate, SEL isn’t just about academics. It’s about human connection—that beautiful and complicated necessity of life and school. Here’s how Austin, Texas, administrator Caroline Chase puts it:
Sometimes it’s hard for the adults to connect to the fact that students are human beings. So SEL is the humanity that’s created when we do things like check-ins with each other, which allows us to have real relationships—where you’re really interested in somebody’s story and you want to know what that person’s about and why they are the way they are.
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