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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Perception provides the lens we view the world with. Students need to be aware of their lens if they are to truly comprehend and direct their thinking process. This article helps teachers thin about students' perspectives. Courtesy of ASCD.

How perspective affects classroom relationships, learning
A change in perspective about a colleague, a student or a classroom routine can help improve relationships, instruction and classroom learning, education professor Lori Desautels writes in this blog post. Desautels offers three suggestions for this practice, such as recognizing a trigger for a challenging student and figuring out a new approach for working with him or her. and Emotional Learning blog (7/10)Bookmark and Share

Saturday, July 12, 2014

In order to understand meta-cognition, I believe it is necessary to understand how the brain works. Movement is an option for learning - accessible to students and teachers. This article provides important information. Courtesy of ASCD SmartBrief.

Researchers tout benefits of "embodied" learning

School children (8-9) with female teacher working with computers
(Tetra Images - Jamie Grill)
Researchers are reviewing the effectiveness of "embodied cognition," a method that combines movement and learning to help students understand abstract concepts. Some learning programs apply the principle to educational technology, combining computers and movement. The Hechinger Report (7/9)Bookmark and Share

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Here is a great article on the challenges of poverty and how teachers can help. I believe we teach them resiliency. Enjoy. Courtesy of ASCD Smart Brief.

Overcoming the challenges of poverty
"My hope is that no school ever becomes a place where sleepy children are yelled at or where teachers lose our human compassion. Let's create vibrant classrooms that tap into the brilliance of each child," writes education consultant Julie Landsman. In the summer issue of Educational Leadership, Landsman shares 15 things educators can do to make schools and classrooms places where students thrive. Read on
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