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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Poll: Teachers are stressed out after years of reform - courtesy of SmartBrief

We are often concerned about the impact of stress on students' abilities to learn.  However, when we think of teachers we do not recognize their needs as learners.  This is worth a read for any teacher caught up in the changes being forced on the schools and the lack of support being provided to support those changes.  Reflect on what you need and then see if you can organize your team to find those resources.  Good luck!

After two years of dramatic education reform efforts, teachers nationwide are reporting their lowest levels of job satisfaction in 25 years -- 39% -- according to the annual MetLife Survey of the American Teacher. Among the greatest concerns expressed by the teachers who were polled was increased stress, and principals also reported job dissatisfaction, with 75% of principals saying their jobs are too complex. The survey also revealed that most principals and teachers are unsure whether the Common Core State Standards will improve students' performance. The Hechinger Report

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