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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Can differentiated instruction reach all students?

Educators across the country say they are seeing a trend toward mixed-ability classes that require them to prepare multiple lessons in core subject areas every day. Proponents say such differentiated instruction eliminates the danger of tracking students along racial lines and improves the performance of all students. Opponents question whether teachers really can meet the needs of all students -- average students, students with disabilities, honors students, students learning English as a second language and others -- in a single classroom. The Washington Post (5/15)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Seven more ways to go from on-task to engaged

"Increasing time on task is pointless if the tasks themselves are not productive," reiterates professional-development director and author Bryan Harris in a guest Inservice blog post. Following up on his popular 2011 post that shared seven strategies for taking students from on-task to engaged, Harris offers seven more. He encourages colleagues to seek student opinions by asking questions that don't have right or wrong answers and suggests using celebrations to emphasize, "if it's worth learning, it's worth celebrating." Read all seven strategies in Inservice.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Why creativity, entrepreneurship should be the focal points of education

This article is excellent.  It's worth the read.
The focus of teaching and learning in schools should move away from a "stand and deliver" approach to embrace the goal of teaching students to become leaders and problem-solvers, writes former high-school math teacher Jennifer Medbery, who is now a software developer and founder and CEO of Kickboard. "Our schools should be producing kids who tinker, make, experiment, collaborate, question, and embrace failure as an opportunity to learn," Medbery writes. FastCoExist (5