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Sunday, February 26, 2012

New paradigms for schooling -Courtesy of ASCD Smart Brief

  • I am posting this article on this blog because as I continue to visit schools, I am deeply concerned with the decreased focus I am observing on meta-cognition.  It seems to have been left by the wayside - discarded as one of those fades that is now passe.  
  • I encourage those of you who are in the classroom to write your honest thoughts and submit to ASCD.  
  • You must be the voice for your students.
    What needs to change in education to ensure that students in the 21st century are learning to the best of their abilities? Whether you're a teacher, administrator or specialist, we are on the lookout for 600- to 1,000-word essays that share your thoughts on this topic for an upcoming issue of ASCD Express. We welcome research-based articles as well as essays that share your professional advice. Don't miss the March 29 deadline to submit your writing to us. Access the submission guidelines. LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story

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