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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ind. school sees a role for iPads in the elementary classroom

  • Differentiation - supported by iPads.
    Students in kindergarten to fifth grade at the Burris Laboratory School in Indiana are issued their own iPad tablet computers to use in the classroom. Students use the iPads for various activities, which are documented on a classroom blog. In addition, the devices are used for no more than 40 minutes each day, and are used to enhance rather than dominate the curriculum, first-grade teacher Stefanie Onieal says. ZDNet/iGeneration blog (12/26) LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story

Monday, December 26, 2011

Neuroscience and teaching: Important lessons for the classroom

FINALLY!!  A article backed by research that addresses the importance of meta-cognition and the brain.  We can no longer deny the implications for education!!

It is a teacher's role to change students' brains on a daily basis, writes Wendi Pillars, a member of the Teacher Leaders Network. To do this, teachers must make lessons relevant for students, allow students to make their own connections and experience ownership of their learning, and explore the inquiry process so they are continually developing critical-thinking skills, she writes. Education Week Teacher (premium article access compliments of

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Can boosting student vocabulary improve achievement?

Improving students' vocabulary can help close the achievement gap for students whose first language is not English, suggests education consultant Ben Johnson. While working as an administrator, his school district improved achievement among Hispanic students, in part, by teaching them to understand the context of the words verbally, visually and aurally, he writes. Johnson's blog

Words are the tools for thought.  It would be helpful if after reading this article, we considered if the same principles might apply to our English speaking students with low language. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Here is a great FREE resource - Teachers First!

The days are certainly dark in the northern hemisphere. Many of us arrive at school in the dark and leave as the sun disappears. Thank goodness for the bright lights of holidays and the flurry of projects our classes are doing before winter break. As you manage the demands of keeping the "lights" on in your classrooms, let TeachersFirst be your energy saver.

As you do your online holiday shopping, your gifts can give twice -- once to your friend/family and again to TeachersFirst-without spending an extra penny. Simply enter the Amazon site through the search box on our Suggested Reading page and finalize your Amazon purchase during that session. TeachersFirst will receive a portion of the proceeds to help support our free service to teachers. Remember that your purchase must be completed during a session that begins at the TeachersFirst entry point. Even Santa isn't clever enough to make a gift count twice!

Technology is a marvelous tool for vocabulary development, whether it is for science terminology, SAT prep, English language learning, or for those with speech/language deficits. TeachersFirst's Vocabulary Development Resources collection offers creative tools and ideas to help students take charge of vocabulary learning. Don't forget to click "more" to read all the ideas for each reviewed resource from the Thinking Teachers.

Nothing can replace the expertise of the teacher-librarian who knows every student and connects teachers with resources. If your school has lost your library/media specialist due to budget cuts, TeachersFirst has a new feature to ease the pain: Help I Lost My Library/Media Specialist! We hope to fill part of the void with readalong ideas and activities for elementary classes written by an experienced (and creative) elementary library/media specialist. New offerings appear about once a month with books and ideas to use with your class or as suggestions for parent volunteers.

TeachersFirst's Giving Tree Lesson is one of our all-time most popular gifts for classes of all ages 'round the world. Built on Shel Silverstein's book, this lesson works with elementary to high school, driving home important messages about giving of oneself. Freshly revised with new technology options, the Giving Tree lesson plan is ready for your December plan book.

Pearl Harbor day is this week. Fewer and fewer students even know anyone who can recount the events of that day. December 17 is the anniversary of the Wright Brothers' historic flight. The month of December is designated as HIV/AIDS Awareness month. These and the more obvious holiday events of December fill our days with preparations and our classrooms with opportunities for learning and giving. Find resources quickly at the TeachersFirst Classroom Planning Calendar.

Geo and Meri are chillin' in the windy city this week as they continue with Globetracker's Mission. If your class has been following in the mission, don't let the upcoming winter break worry you. The teens will be on hiatus over the holidays, keeping the same episode online for the weeks of December 18 and 25 and moving on to a new location on January 1st. Even if you miss an episode, you can always "rewind" using the <<episode link at the top of any episode.

As you scurry around this December, why not plan some "me" time for OK2Ask™ in January? Join our new session on TeachersFirst's free member timesavers, start a class wiki, or tour the Best of the Best. These live, online "snack sessions" are perfect for a chilly winter respite in your fuzzy slippers. See the full OK2Ask™ schedule.

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XW1W question for the week of December 4: Where/when do you sing?   Across the World Once a Week (XW1W) uses microblogging or blogging tools to share responses about everyday life from any corner of the world. The XW1W FAQ page explains it all. Make today's instant communications an instant learning experience. 

This week in our Featured Sites, you will find plenty to rate, comment on, or mark as Favorites (using the FREE features of your FREE TeachersFirst membership):
  • A powerful civil rights site
  • European history and world population interactives
  • Mapping YOUR data
  • Exploring Ocean data
  • A duo of animal sites: to create and to learn
  • Terrific ESL/ELL learning tools
  • Tools for disposable email addresses and online sign-up sheets
  • Exercise incentives and a veggie site
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