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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Teahing Reflection in Social Studies/History

Students, now more than every, are being faced with an influx of information.  As we become an integral part of a  global community, they are faced with the challenge of comprehending and evaluating the information surrounding them.  This is a complex process that is seldom thought.  Social Studies and/or History  is the logical content area where these issues can be addressed directly and students can acquire these thinking strategies in meaningful contexts.

Making History Mine: Meaningful Connections for Grades 5-9 by Sarah Cooper (Apr 28, 2009) is an excellent text written by a middle school/high school teacher.  The book addresses topics like: Global Citizenship:Learning to Evaluate Ethics and Solve Problems and How Opinions Become History: Analyzing Point of View.
Each section addresses standards found in the common core and can be applied to all areas of the content. 

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