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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Teaching Meta-cognition Through Students' Mistakes!

Rigor is defined by higher level thinking - what strategies students use to answer a question.  Engaging in strategic thinking involves developing meta-cognition - the ability to think about (trace) one's own thinking.

Following is a link to a article to dealing with a process one math teacher used to develop meta-cognitve strategies with students by having them analyze their own mistakes.  I believe the same process is effective for all content areas.

She (Dulac) says, “We encourage the kids to be reflective about what they know and don’t know. We’re trying to get them to a level of meta-cognition so they’re thinking about how math works. If we tell them what’s wrong, it’s not as powerful as if they have to recognize their own mistakes and articulate the problem.”

Access the complete article at this link: Teaching kids to learn from their mistakes.

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