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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Engagement = Rigor?

Engagement is the current buzzword.
What many teachers do not understand is the relationship between engagement and rigor.
Depth of Knowledge is about intended outcome,  not difficulty of content.
Depth of Knowledge is a reference to the complexity of mental processing that must occur to answer a question, perform a task, or generate a product.

Dr. Valerie Dickerson created the following graphic to explain the relationship.

As you scan the pyramid pay careful attention to the activities that increase rigor and engagement.  They are easy to implement in any classroom - provided the teacher has established protocols for the students' interactions - including a time frame.
Note that the student's ability to explain his/her reasoning and logical thinking places the processing in the advanced stage.  Metacognition raises the processing significantly.

Engagement leads the way to comprehension and so rigor.

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