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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hattie is Back with More Thoughts on Meta-Cognition

You will recall that in two of my earlier posts I introduced you to Hattie D., a teacher at Mt. Blue.  I shared with you the information regarding the masters' cohort she is working on and the thesis regarding efficacy and teacher success as well as her work on the literacy and technology pilot.  Just recently, I shared her information on the English Companion NING.  All of these endeavors are built on self- reflection and sharing or  - comprehension and collaboration -  as Daniels and Harvey wrote in their most recent book, Inquiry Circles in Action.

Hattie continues to publish on her blogs, Literacy Strategies in Action  for educators as well as her classroom blog, Welcome to Mrs. Deraps' Online Classroom for her students.  Her voice and reflection grow stronger with each publication.   She is a school leader who continues to fine tune her craft and share her insights generously.

Recently, a group of middle school teachers and high school teachers at Mt. Blue decided to get together and form a book club.  The purpose of this group is to review adolescent literature and discuss the book and its applications to their students.  Hattie is the chair and has created a NING on English Companion entitled, YA Lit Book Club.  Several of the teachers meet as a group in Farmington and others have joined via the NING.

Using this format, teachers experience first hand, all of the elements necessary to create a collaborative community in their classrooms as well as practicing reflective strategies including, but not limited to: meta-cognition, higher level thinking, inferring, conversing, summarizing, etc.  This experience is crucial for teachers who intend to teach literacy strategies.  Because strategic thinking is a process - not a content - we must experience the process ourselves in a variety of contexts - each time extending our own menu, developing flexibility, clarity and proficiency.

Click on the address and see if this is an approach you could use for yourself, your peers, or your students.  I promise it will be an enriching experience for everyone involved.

Thanks for sharing, Hattie.

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