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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Role of Metacognition in Coaching

Yesterday during a meeting with high school teachers at Mt. Blue High School, we began defining our roles as peer coaches. We were using the book, Building Teachers' Capacity for Success, as a jumping off point.

During our discussion, we kept returning to the role of meta-cognition in self-reflection - the end goal of the process. The conclusion we arrived at was: in order to shift thinking, adults and students alike, must be able to trace their thinking and establish links. How else can rationales be established or theory put into practice?

The challenge is how do we support others when developing meta-cognitive strategies? Best practices for students provide us with Vygotzky's theory involving the zone of proximal development - in other words, we assist or support by doing think alouds modeling our own thinking, connections, rationales, etc.

Does this work with adults? Why not? All too often in education we save best practices for students while staff development sessions employ well known ineffective instructional practices.

As a team, we made the decision to go ahead with what we know are best practices and follow the results of our efforts.

Stay tuned!

We will be updating you on this blog.

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