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Thursday, August 27, 2009

English Companion on Ning - Discussion Begins Today:)

You will recall that during my last entry, I shared with you the English Companion NING Blog - created by Jim Burke, author of many literacy articles and books.

This blog offers an incredible amount of information on literacy in a variety of formats. Teachers can join communities that focus on any issue discussed. One of Hattie's favorite communities is the book club - led by the author of the book .

Today, Stephanie Harvey and Harvey Daniels began the discussion on their book, Comprehension and Collaboration, Inquiry Circles in Action. What a remarkable opportunity for all of us. Along with the authors, educators from across the country will be joining use to discuss the book.

This format is excellent for teachers - reading and posting comments when the time is available is ideal given the hectic schedules we experience.

This book is excellent. I will be using it with several high schools this year. If you are a teacher or a school working on literacy strategies this books will provide you with incredible down to earth information for implementing a inquiry approach.

I previewed the book today with a literacy team at a local high school - with the principal present. Their review was excellent.

We will keep you updated as we move forward with the discussion.

Please check in with us and post a comment. This type of posting and "discussion" will help you develop your meta-cognition and share your knowledge with your students.


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