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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Teacher Meta-Cognition

Hattie Deraps, alternative education teacher at Mt. Blue High School, and I spent the day together on Friday, July 3, 2009. We spent the day discussing literacy in general - mostly student oriented. However, as the day progressed, Hattie shared several blogs she follows as part of a teacher group. Her commitment to students, love of teaching as wel as level ofliteracy understanding, are amazing. We concluded the day with a high level of enthusiasm and many new understandings.

As I reflected on the day, my thoughts kept coming back to the power of collaboration - how sharing our thoughts had helped us clarify and build understandings of our own process and the thinking of others. What a terrific way for teachers to develop their own understandings and experience first hand the meta-cognitive process.

However, given our busy schedules and our geograhic locations, how do we find the time and the partner to share with? - AND - how do we teach a process we rarely have the opportunity to practice?

Hattie finds many opportunities in her professional life - staff members, a masters cohort sponsored by UMF, and attending conferences. However, she also shared some other opportunities via the internet. She belongs to several collegial groups. Here are the links.

NCTE Blog - current information on NCTE articles, publications, events, and current issues

English Companion NING Blog - created by Jim Burke, author of many literacy articles and books, this blog offers an incredible amount of information on literacy in a variety of formats. Teachers can join communities that focus on any issue discussed. One of Hattie's favorite communities is the book club - led by the author of the book . Go to the blog and see what's happening. There is something for everyone.

Here is one Hattie created to share:

Literacy Strategies in Action - created by Hattie, this blog shares strategies, articles and books she has used in her classroom. Her thoughts are concise as she considers how to apply the information to her students. A great read. Join us and share!

I hope you will find the time in your busy summer to visit one of these sites and enjoy the collegiality offered. Think about what works for you and how it might work for your students. What a tremendous experience to offer our students and help prepare them for the 21st century.

Thank you Hattie!

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