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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Featuring Jacob Bogar and Hattie Deraps

This month we have the privilege of sharing a draft for a study dealing with teacher efficacy and student achievement. The proposal is written by Jacob Bogar and Hattie Deraps.

Jacob has been teaching science and technology classes at Mr. Blue High School in Farmington, Maine for nearly a decade.

Hattie Deraps is an alternative education at Mt. Blue High School.

Both teachers are currently enrolled in the UMF Master of Science in Education program. The study is a key component in their program.

Bogar and Deraps define teacher efficacy as follows: "Cantrell defines teacher efficacy as a type of self-efficacy in that teachers are strongly affected by their beliefs about their potential to impact student learning, and that those beliefs are directly related to their effort and persistence with students (2004). This definition shows that teachers have beliefs about their individual abilities when it comes to instruction and that their efforts in helping students to achieve may be enhanced or hindered because of their own feelings of elevated or deflated efficacy."

They continue to substantiate teacher efficacy and student success based on the following research. "Because research suggests that student achievement in schools is strongly related to a perceived sense of collective efficacy, it is important to work to enhance the efficaciousness of the entire faculty rather than a small cohort of teachers (Goddard, Hoy & Woolfolk Hoy, 2004). Simply put, this means that groups of people work better together when they feel that the group will be able to accomplish its goals. The beneficial results of this collective efficacy are twofold: individual teachers feel better about their potential to impact student achievement and student achievement improves."

Thank you, Hattie and Jacob. This study is long overdue. You will provide us with data that substantiates improved student and teacher performance as a result of the implementation of the WMEC literacy initiative.

We applaud you!!

Following is the complete proposal. You can contact Jacob at: and/or Hattie at:

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